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8 Tips for Supporting Open Education alongside Affordability Initiatives

Overall tips for OER and affordable course material leads.

Published onOct 17, 2022
8 Tips for Supporting Open Education alongside Affordability Initiatives

1. Use clear language.

Don’t over-complicate your message by using technical language when a simpler explanation would work.

2. Implement consistent messaging and definitions.

When everyone has a shared understanding of your programs, it is easier to have productive discussions. 

3. Maintain awareness of opportunities and threats.

Engage with local community members and email listservs to stay up-to-date with new trends and business models in this changing landscape. 

4. Recognize both the pros and cons of all options.

Help instructors make the choice that makes the most sense for their course. The “right choice” could be a mix of open and affordable content!

5. Don’t demonize faculty choice.

It’s important that faculty and other institutional decision makers know that you trust and support their work. 

6. Follow a student-centered approach.

What do your students need and how can your systems and services better support them? Make that your focus.

7. Educate leaders to make informed decisions.

Explain what is happening at your institution and why you support different affordable course material options in different scenarios so your administrators can move forward with a clear understanding of your work.

8. Be consistent and content-neutral.

When surfacing concerns about student privacy, accessibility, and values-based programming, ensure that your messaging is clear and fair in its approach.

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